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Erotica at it's Best is a site featuring erotic art and photgraphy by and of it's mebers.

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Welcome to the Eros Society

The Eros Society is a nonprofit fraternal group located in Atlanta Georgia dedicated to the pleasure, education and support of its members and contributors. Our members are individuals who wish to increase their knowledge and understanding of various alternative lifestyles, sexual preferences and spiritual pursuits. To this end, The Eros Society hosts monthly pansexual play and social events.

The child and long time dream of Oz's, The Eros Society began as the desire to create a cooperative commune where each inhabitant and participant could be honored for all parts of their being, sexual, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This desire has been the guiding force in all of Hales' continuing social events. His dream culminates with the birth of The Eros Society.

Within the walls of the Eros Society's chapter house and within the arms of the order, intelligent, open minded adults come together to explore personal empowerment through a mixture of sexuality, spirituality and education.

Organized with ancient and modern fraternal organizations in mind, The Eros Society will employ a vetting system for all potential members, to help ensure a sense of comfort and community for all participants.

The Eros Society hosts a variety of parties, educational opportunities and social mixers of various kinds to promote a sense of community and family within the walls of it's host facility in Atlanta Georgia. These events are theme based to encourage costume attire but are simple to dress for. Music, decorations, performances and sometimes contests are theme based to maintain this common atmosphere as well.


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