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Eros Society Events

The Eros Society's events are the beginning of a new and erotic journey into the subconscious. I have envisioned a series of tantalizing pansexual events designed to bring to life our inner passions through imagination and creativity. Through these events I want participants to expose their id and satisfy it through physical and social experiences bordering on the spiritual to form a hedonistic gestalt. These are events for the jaded and not the easily awed.

These are theme events and as such there is a dress code. We're not asking that you spend a lot of money on costumes, just be creative. With our broad themes there are countless possibilities. Many costume shops would love your business at this time of year but if you wish to attend in other than theme attire we ask that you please dress appropriately for a fetish event; leather, latex, goth, glam drag, nude, etc. If in doubt please ask beforehand.

This is a fetish oriented event with open nudity, sexual, and sado-masochistic activity and as such there will be dungeon equipment in the public areas for use by those of us who are exhibitionists. We will also provide and ample supply of soft blankets for those how enjoy rolling around not so exposed with one another in the common areas. There are no holds on what you do as long as it's consensual and I encourage hedonism in it's many forms.


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