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Erotica at it's Best is a site featuring erotic art and photgraphy by and of it's mebers.

How do I become a member?

If you would like to be invited to one of our events please read the information on the Membership page. It's not hard to get the invite currently, simply ask! Currently we are using evite for people to be invited and RSVP to events though this will change to an internal system in the near future.

Once you have attended an event you can then ask to officially join the group itself. This will gain you discounts to other events and invitations to members exclusive events that will begin in 2007. We are also working on discounts to several adult novelty shops in the Atlanta area as well.

Where are these events held?

We maintain the event to be private which is why the exact location is never mentioned on this site. Details are only given to members and their invited guests.

Our current facility has several rooms designed for varying environments. We have a small lounge that's appropriate for socializing, a room occupied by a large padded platform for play, a dungeon containing several pieces of equipment for everyone's use, a large dance and event room (we have guest DJs at each event) which also contains dungeon equipment, a large patio area for smokers and stargazing (this area is privacy fenced and partially covered).

You may change clothing on premises and we do have some lockers on site for storage of your belongings. If you bring food or beverages a staff person will store these items for you in the kitchen area until desired.

What should I expect?

This is an adult oriented private event. Virtually all of our private events have strong sexual overtones meaning pretty much anything goes as long as it's between consenting adults. A lot of people unfamiliar with our events may take this to mean we are a swingers group. The truth is that we have a surprising number of members who simply enjoy being able to relax and socialize in a sexually charged environment. Please keep in mind that the Eros Society has a strong fetish/BDSM basis and as such kink related practices are commonplace just as dancing or sipping cocktails are at club events.

No attendee is expected to participate in any such activity. Our members are very respectful of individual choices and personal space. The focus of the Eros Society is to create a safe and secure environment for it's members and guests to indulge in whatever hedonistic activities they wish. We keep very simple rules for our events and the cardinal rules is do not infringe upon anyone's personal space, intimate activities or belongings without their express permission. Beyond this the general rule is that so long as the activity is legal and consensual it's acceptable.

Is there any Entertainment?

We do have guest DJs for the dancing crowd and for entertainment we plan theme related stage performances and the occasional ice breaker game/contest to get people involved in the event.

Are Food and Beverages offered?

This is a BYO event so please bring anything anything specific you might wish to imbibe. We do provide snacks, munchies (veggie, fruit and meat plates), mixers (soda, juices, etc.) and even a party punch for the event which is covered by your contributions. Food is self serve and a friendly staff person will act as a bartender securing whatever you bring with you until requested.

Is there anyway I can help this wonderful group?

If you would like to help out or perform please let us know. These events are very time consuming and often costly due to the amount of decorations, work and food & beverage we put in for everyone so help is appreciated.

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