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Erotica at it's Best is a site featuring erotic art and photgraphy by and of it's mebers.

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We are based in Atlanta, GA, our meetings and socials are held in the midtown area. Membership guidelines and procedures are being established. The Eros Society is being formed as a fraternal order and as such will have a formal pledging process for those wishing to become members. We wish to maintain a community based on fellowship so members must truly want to belong.

Over the first quarter of 2006 we will be forming our core member base and establishing our formal bylaws, pledge procedures and membership guidelines. Our events during this period will be open social functions and easy for all to attend without sponsorship from full members. After the initial member base has been filled those wishing to attend must be guests of full members as prescribed in our bylaws.

The reason for this approach is a slow controlled growth. It allows members to become close to one another and intimate with the groups ideals. This allows a comfort level and comradery to build among members and a level of trust and respect to naturally mature.

Simply request to attend by sending a message to the directors containing some basic information about yourself. We do not discriminate on sex, age, race, religion or any other measure. We want to encourage everyone involved to bring their ideas and experiences to the group since everyone has something important to share. All we want is simple getting to know you information.

Send an email to with the following information:

Handle (what you go by)
Gender (M/F/TG)
Tell us a bit about yourself. What interests you about the Eros Society?

Include anything else you'd like us to know.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have as well.

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