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Dress Code

Allowable attire for Eros Society events

Dress Codes are enforced Theme related costumes, attire and accessories are always preferred.

Dress codes are important for two main reasons. The primary reason is that it discourages those only interested in looking at the freaks from getting into an event. Some effort must be made by the person wishing to attend to dress the part which shows more than a cursory interest. The second and probably most important reason to maintain a dress code is that it puts attendees into a similar mental state of camaraderie and also attracts them to one another.

Although the Eros Society wishes to maintain an erotic or fetishistic ambience our dress code is not limited to high gothic or fetish and as stated we actually prefer costumes--as sexy as possible though. The hard and fast dress code rule is absolutely no casual or street attire allowed. Beyond that we try to be flexible as long as some effort is made. Our themes are simple and allow for easy costuming ideas. Be glamourous, sexy and most of all creative! If in doubt please contact us for approval of your idea.

Non traditional fetish event attire:

  • Special FX Makeup and Costuming
  • Uniforms (modern, original, vintage)
  • Drag (not simply cross-dressing though!)
  • Sci-Fi, Cyber (think UV reactive or battery powered)
  • Vintage Formal (lots of ruffles!)
  • Gothic Lolita or Formal Gothic

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