EROS stands for Ethical Relationships Of Society. We curate safe spaces for EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE by pledging to not cause intentional harm physically/emotionally and mentally to ANYONE, ANYWHERE.

Connecting you with local friends, socializing, dating, networking, events, encounters, group activities and SelfCare resources.
What is EROS Society: A lifestyle social hub for connecting people who are open to opening up to networking, events, encounters and resources. Each member is vouched/vetted/verified (GOLD SOUL): respectful, ethical, consent focused, kind, open minded, sex positive, real people.

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This means you can feel safe knowing anyone in the EROS Society online or in person has been vetted/vouched against misogyny and misandry and has a like minded perspective on the value of a GOLD SOUL in the social, personal and professional community.

If you feel someone is not being a GOLD SOUL, please let us know. These reports are not taken lightly, so please be mindful that each member is accountable for their own words/ actions/ behaviors.


Please contact EROS SOCIETY with questions/concerns/comments/feedback

TEXT ONLY: 720-282-9637

GENERAL QUESTIONS: info@erossociety.org

MEMBERSHIP questions or concerns: membership@erossociety.org

EROS EVENT PARTNER as a planner/host/venue: events@erossociety.org

REPORT issues with website or members: concerns@erossociety.org