Eros Society

A unique social support system designed to connect like-minded people who desire to explore sexually and grow socially.

What is
Society? is a unique social support system designed to connect like-minded people – online and in person – who want to explore socially and personally.

Members are self-accountable for being: respectful, ethical, consent-focused, kind, open to opening up, sex positive, and real people.  We believe that a future in the lifestyle can be safely navigated with the help of members putting these standards into practice with how we interact with each other.


This means you can feel safe knowing that EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE on the platform, has pledged to not cause intentional harm physically/emotionally and mentally to ANYONE, ANYWHERE. 


Eros Society is a future where everyone, everywhere is accountable for their own words, actions, and behaviors.  



Respect for all members. You are safe at all Eros events. We ensure our members agree to be respectful, understanding, helpful, ethical, and consensual. 



Discover a respectful, consensual, and ethical connection at Eros. Casual, poly, or just want to have fun. Eros events are the Denver parties you want to be seen.



Eros Society offers mental and sexual health resources for all members. Find everything you need to be the best version of yourself mentally, spiritually, and sexually. 


events in the Denver area

Denver has recently exploded in population and prosperity, and so have alternative lifestyles. Eros parties are fun themed, social or mixer parties for all ranges of sexuality. 

Join our membership program and learn how you can begin to grow personally and sexually. 


Why sign up on

Looking for like minded local friends, socializing, dating, networking, events, encounters and health resources join the site to stay in the loop and join the community unity.

How do i sign up?

Sign up to complete waivers and start your free profile as a member, event host, venue, or resource provider. FREE profile is approved now for immediate log in.

how can I add an event?

Click “Create Event” on  Calendar to add event or Text: 720-282-9637 or Email:

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